Friday, August 15, 2008

Returning soon!

In an unexpected turn of events, the amazing and wonderful Alora has saved the day and will be replacing my camera. When she's here in about 2 weeks I'll have recording capabilities and I can start cranking some lessons out. I truly appreciate all of your support and concern everyone. Let me know what songs you've all had in mind and I'll start brushing up on the ones I don't know as well so I can give you all a great lesson when the time comes.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lesson a Week update

Hey everyone, bad news. On my return trip from Boston yesterday, I put my camera down for a second in the airport and it was snatched when I wasn't looking. It's now gone and I'm missing all sorts of great stuff from this past weekend which saddens me greatly. The biggest way this affects everyone here is that I have no means to record videos without it. I'll do my best to borrow a camera from a friend to film at some point, but I can't promise when this will happen. Until then I will do my best to put some time into the Mandelbrot Set or just the tab revision project. Sorry to everyone for the delays and thanks to everyone who's supported me this far.