Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lesson A Week 22: Blue Sunny Day

Lesson a week is back! Sorry about the delay everyone. Life has kept me very busy with working and family obligations. This week's new song is JoCo's latest song "Blue Sunny Day". Enjoy everyone!

Lesson A Week 22: Blue Sunny Day

P.S. Worst screencap ever.


Dustin said...

Hey Dave,

I just wanted to tell you as one of the anonymous internet denizens who learns from your videos that I really appreciate the free lessons. Since last year, I have been slowly but surely convincing myself that I can play guitar using only the internet as a teacher. Your songs and tabs have helped me with everything from chord changes to finding notes on the guitar neck to becoming comfortable with fingerpicking. I'm glad to see you haven't stopped doing these lessons and look forward to future installments.

Jonathan said...

Dave, ditto! Have very much enjoyed your videos, found them and the work on the JoCo wiki very helpful! You've provided fans a great resource, and for free no less! Thank you!

Jesse said...


Really enjoy your lessons and have been using them to propel myself into picking up the guitar once again. Am hoping you will get back into the swing of making these sometime - am trying to learn Drinking With You and have come to realize how helpful it is to have the demonstrations!