Monday, March 17, 2008

Lesson A Week 3: I Feel Fantastic

This week I take you through I Feel Fantastic. This song doesn't have too many hard chords, but playing it up to speed can take a lot out of you so make sure that you work your way up to something comfortable. Next week I'll be cover the song Ikea. Enjoy!

esson a Week 3 : I Feel Fantastic


rickflick said...

I'm a complete music illiterate who discovered JC's music just a few months ago. I find your mini lessons in guitar simply fascinating even though I can't play a single cord. Keep up this wonderful work. I can only think there are thousands out there who can actually apply the lessons. As for me, I am just in awe of your ability to play and clearly explain this stuff. Congratulations on your inspired effort.
- RL

suuuupaadave said...

Thanks for watching! I really hope you're able to get something out of my videos. If anything's unclear, let me know.